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Ferg is a 15cm sitting bear, in either Copper/Red (Fergus) or Taupe (Fergie).
(See description below for materials required)

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Kit - Fergie
Kit - Fergus
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Materials Required
Pattern / Instructions
Recommended Fur – Fergus: Fat 1/16 Mohair 12mm
Recommended Fur – Fergie: Fat 1/16 Mohair 12mm
Eyes: 3mm Gloss Black
Paw pads: Ultrasuede
Joints: 10 x 15mm Discs
Hardware: 5 x 20mm Cotter Pins
Perle Nose Cotton
*Sewing thread to match fur
*Sinew / Strong Thread
*Weight (if required)

(* Indicates not included in the kit)

From Your Toolbox
Tapered Awl
Nose Template
Locking Seam Clamps
Small-pointed sharp scissors
Sewing Needles / Long Doll Needles
Stuffing Stick
Leather Glue
*Cotter-pin Turner for Cotter Pins / T-Pins

(* Indicates as required for hardware)


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